School Transportation Policy And Agreement

School Transport Policy

  • Parents must ensure that children using these facilities are made aware of the strict discipline policy in place and are instructed accordingly.
  • Students seeking transport need to fill in the transport form and submit the same to transport department.
  • Admission in Alma Mater Day Boarding School does not guarantee a seat and use of this service is available on a first come, first served basis, availability of seats and transport fee payable in advance.

Pick Up / Drop Off

  • All Vehicles have designated pickup and drop off points. It is the responsibility of the parents(s) to ensure that their ward(s) are at the pickup point at the designated time. Vehicles will not leave from collection point ahead of schedule. However, vehicles will not be able to wait at pick up points after the scheduled time. Due to traffic delay vehicles may arrive at pick-up and drop-off points behind schedule.
  • While dropping off the PG to Class III students, if any authorized person is not available student will be brought back to school. The transport In-charge will contact the parent and ask the parent to collect the student from the school.
  • If any student of class PG to III has older siblings (of class IV & above) then they can be dropped in the care of their older sibling with the consent of parents.
  • If a student does not want to use the return trip on any particular day the parent should give a written communication/send an e-mail to the Transport Manager ( well in advance.

Fee Payment Mode

  • Transport fee is applicable and charged for 12 months in an academic year, divided in 4 Quarter. Full payment for each Quarter should be done irrespective of the number of working days
  • Parents can pay the fees through various methods at the school fee counter. Fee can also be paid through debit/credit cards or net banking.
  • Fees will be charged by 15th of each Quarter (i.e.; by 15th of April, July, October & January respectively) to avoid late fee.

Discontinuation Of Transport Service

  • Discontinuation of transport will not be accepted in the middle of the term and no refund will be made for the unexpired portion of the term in case of withdrawal from transport facility.
  • Fee refund is applicable only in case where fees for more than one Quarter has been paid by the parent and facility not availed for the succeeding Quarter.
  • Fee refund is not applicable in case student is temporarily suspended from use of transport service.
  • In case of discontinuation, parent should submit [Form – A] at school / write an e-mail to the Transport Manager ( 30 days prior to the start of the next Quarter.
  • Status of the request will be informed to the parents within 3 working days after receiving [Form – A].

Download Forms

FORM - A (Application for change in Transport Facility)
Transport Requisition Form

Address Change

  • In case of an address, parents should submit [Form – A] at school / write an e-mail to Transport Manager ( at least 15 working days in advance. This will be accommodated only if there is space available on the requested route.
  • Status of the request will be informed to the parents within 3 working days after receiving [Form-A].

Student Behaviour On School Transport

  • Treat the driver and assistant with respect and be courteous to them.
  • Do not consume food while riding the transport.
  • Do not move around the transport, use inappropriate language or disturb other students, driver or the assistant.
  • Do not litter inside the vehicle.
  • Follow instructions given by the driver, assistant and/or security.
  • Students will be allowed to board the school transport in school uniform only.
  • Do not take any body part out from the vehicle and do not throw anything outside the windows.

Consequences Of Inappropriate Student Behaviour

  • Zero tolerance policy on misbehavior. Misbehavior on transport facilities is a very serious offence which can lead to termination of transport service and disciplinary action by school authorities and if repeated dismissal from school.
  • If a student breaks any rule, the assistant will report their name to the transportation department. The incident will be entered in the Student’s School record and reported to their respective class teachers.
  • Damages if any will be collected from the Student/Parents.

Responsibilities Of Student And Parents

  • To take their ward to the school bus or to the boarding point on time. In case of any delay the parents shall take their children to the school without any responsibility on the part of the driver.
  • To inform the school administration of any violation or default by the driver.
  • The driver shall have the right to return the student to the school if there is no authorized person waiting for him when he goes back home. The responsible of the consequences resulting there from shall be assumed by the parents.
  • The student shall observe the cleanliness of the bus and inform the school administration or parents in case the driver or any other student violates the law during the trip
  • Only the School Director may deprive any student of the school transport service in any of the following cases (but not limited to):
    • If a student causes the delay of the trip by more than 3 times in one school year.
    • If a student violates any safety rule and endanger other’s lives during the trip.
    • If a student leaves the bus before reaching his designated place without prior permission.
    • If a student continuously causes disturbance and more than 3 written complaints are filed against him during one school year.