Courses of Study

Kindergarten Education

Class PG, NC, LKG, UKG

We at Alma Mater prioritize your child’s growth through a child-centric approach that revolves around stories, songs, and hands-on activities. From mastering alphabets to embracing the wonders of nature, our curriculum sparks curiosity and cultivates essential skills in listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Together, let’s embark on a joyful journey of education and exploration.

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Primary & Middle Education

Class I to VIII

In our primary and middle block, we focus on more than just academics. We emphasize holistic development, nurturing creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and character-building. Our aim is to prepare students to confidently navigate the challenges of the world beyond school.

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Secondary Education

Class IX & X

Subjects include English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Science, Science & Technology with option for one Skill Subject.

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Senior Secondary Education

Class XI & XII

Science Stream, Commerce Stream and Humanities Stream

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