Alma Mater Sports Academy

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Sports Activities

There are many sports activities available in the school. Sports Academy focuses on Seven activities.


Skilled trainers

Experienced players are employed as coaches so that the students learn from the best. Coaches are themselves highly trained & motivated individuals.


Quality equipment

High quality, safe equipment is used to achieve high quality training and fitness.


Sport Nutrition

Dietician is available who regularly assesses students’ dietary requirements.

alma mater sports academy

Team Building Classes

Team sports like Cricket, Basketball breed excellent team players, and even team leaders.

alma mater sports academy

Fitness programs

Fitness is in-built in all sports. Each student must participate in fitness programs along with his/her sport.

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alma mater sports academy

100% Safety

Our motto is ‘Safety First – always’. We ensure safe practices are used in all sports, and trained lifeguards are present at all times during swimming.

alma mater sports academy


We have a team of highly skilled coaches who have played Nationally / Internationally themselves.

alma mater sports academy

Why Choose Us

Alma Mater Sports Academy is well-known for its unique physical education, professional sports & fitness development programmes. Alma Mater Sports Academy was the FIRST Sports Academy of Bareilly city which started its operations with a half-olympic swimming pool in 2003. We are always looking to create awareness for sports and fitness as an important part overall education.

Since its inception, the sports academy has grown from strength to strength. After creating successful swimmers who won many laurels in State and National Championships, the academy started its Cricket Academy in the year 2015. In the year 2019, the academy inaugurated its 5-layer ITF (International Tennis Federation Approved) Tennis Court for the FIRST time in Bareilly (again). 1000s of participants have undergone training and sports coaching with Alma Mater Sports Academy.

We provide physical education for our students, sports training, and conduct training programs for many outdoor and indoor sports. Our coaches have trained more than 5000 students at grass root level over the last 25 years. Corporates, Doctors, Banks are welcome to book the grounds for sports events like Cricket Tournament or Premier Leagues. General Public can also join the sports academy for leisurely learning or for just enjoying the swimming pool in the summer heat.

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